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The next big thing

I am Ricardo and welcome to a trip into my professional life, skills and education.

Career Summary

Founder and Learner

Since 2018 I've been learning web development,noCode, and digital marketing and creating projects with these skills. The more I learn , the more I love it

table with food

Career Summary

Manager, cook, team leader and more

Before I went to entrepreneurship and web development, my career was mostly focused in food, customer service and...entrepreneurship


Always learning

From courses, videos or books, I'm always improving myself


Use daily 3 different languages

It's a challenge but it's great to be able to use 3 different languages everyday

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Career Summary

Manager, cook, team leader and more

I was 18 when I discover that I love food and all that was related to the business. Customer service was also a big part of my working experience and it's one of the most important stones of any business.

Menu of my experience

Founder and Learner

Good Stuff Creations
Nov 2021 to present:
⚪ Websites and landing pages
⚪ Full-service micro and small business
Bizbox - Unleash your business - Tailored AI insights, tools, and resources for micro-enterprises in food, hospitality, and travel.⚪ Tools and templates
⚪ Newsletter
⚪Creation of digital products